First of all, here's what happened in April 2002, as i told it a few days after......

Ok, so picture the scene: it's dry, the sun is shining and the trails are for want of a better word, fast. so, the bikes go in the car and we head off to Cannock chase for a days blast. we stop off at LBS to pick up bits and chat about how good the weather is etc. get to Cannock, decide to do the 18mile longer loop as the weather is ace. the trails are dry, the roots skip you instead of slide us, the birds are singing and you feel inspired to do every technical downhill twice just coz we can.


We finish the ride and decide to head off to the quarry for some jey boy jump antics. i've already fallen off and my mates bent a wheel coz the trails are dry and faster than we've ever ridden them before but, what the hell! so, off to the quarry, find that the runs are faster than ever and decide to start going for those really big airs off the lips. first, my girlfriend tries, down with arse on the back wheel, pedal across the flat and weeeee..... she falls off on landing after a couple of feet of air. great I think, now's my chance to show my prowess! off i go, down, sprint, up, up, up, lift off and tap the back wheel down for the perfect landing. at least, that's what i meant to do. you see, this wonderful dry weather has turned the quarry surface into a sandy, rocky ice rink. i execute the first part perfectly, but on contact with the ground, my front wheel decides that it doesn't want to carry on and runs off sideways leaving me hurtling through the air at 20 miles an hour. Shite!

anyway, i landed square on my jaw, which is now wired together and has three Ti plates to boast and my lovely new bar ends caught my hand and broke my radius whilst dislocating the elbow.

so, i did find my biggest ever air.....in a lovely orange helicopter!

The moral? bring back the muddy days of old, when shite kept me firmly stuck to the ground!!

You can see X-Rays of said injury's here

The County air ambulance trust

My other chosen mode of transport!  (well only once but hey, it looks cool)